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Klamath Falls, located in Klamath County is a region known for its stunning natural beauty. From the Cascade Mountains to Crater Lake National Park and the Klamath Lake, the area contains endless opportunities for adventures in nature. In addition, small town life makes this region an appealing place to live.

 Scenic Treasures

Located on the border between Oregon and California, Klamath Falls is full of natural wonders. Some of the most significant attractions in the area include:

-          Crater Lake National Park. Revel in the wonder of the strikingly blue lake surrounded by 2,000-foot-high cliffs that are the remnant of a volcano. With an impressive depth of 1,943 feet, it is the deepest lake in the U.S. Many visitors are attracted by the magnificent opportunities for hiking and camping, but fishing for salmon and trout in the lake is another popular pastime. The National Park Service works hard to ensure that this incredible area is maintained and used to teach the next generation of scientists.
-          The Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway. For a different view of the volcanic roots of Klamath Falls, take a drive on Klamath County’s stretch of this scenic route. This byway winds between the various volcanic landmarks in the region, allowing visitors and locals alike to discover new wonders and learn more about Klamath County’s natural features.
-          The Klamath Marsh National Wildlife Refuge. This protected area is essential to ensuring the survival of the region’s unique species. Waterfowl nest, feed, and rest in this natural habitat, while several other species of birds inhabit the meadowlands. During the summer, many families take to canoes to observe the wildlife, which includes the great gray owl and Rocky Mountain elk.

-          Klamath Lake. In the area surrounding the lake, bird enthusiasts gather to spot some of the county’s most famous inhabitants. Many migratory birds pass through the Klamath Lake area, but most bird watchers aspire to spot a majestic Bald Eagle.

The City of Sunshine

At the heart of Klamath County lies the town of Klamath Falls. Residents value the high quality of life in the town that is known as “Oregon’s City of Sunshine.” This all-American town allows locals to enjoy a close-knit community life in an area full of recreational activity, including hiking, skiing, biking, bird watching, hunting, and fishing. The proximity of Klamath Lake allows for plenty of water activities when summer rolls around as well. In addition, there are a number of world-class golf courses in the region that draw visitors from across the country.

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